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Access to the Safeways EasyTracking Web platform is limited to authorized users. Unauthorized access and/or use of this platform and the data contained herein is strictly prohibited.

Unauthorized uses include but are not limited to queries not related to a legitimate purpose connected with a user's participation in the Safeways program, personal use, or use for business purposes other the management of a property participating in the Safeways program.

Sharing of usernames and passwords is prohibited. All users must request a username and password from the system administrator . Use of this system is subject to monitoring and audit. Dissemination, sharing, copying or passing of any information available on this platform to anyone other than an authorized user is prohibited and can result in termination of the user's access to this system, as well as access termination for the user's property, company, or organization.

The offense and calls for service data contained in the Safeways EasyTracking database is provided by the Memphis Police Department. Safeways cannot guarantee its accuracy or completeness. Information in the database concerning court dates or an individual's prior criminal history is derived from the Shelby County Criminal Courts case information system, and Safeways cannot guarantee its accuracy or completeness. Details concerning police and emergency services dispatches on calls for service are derived from Memphis Police and Shelby County Sheriff police scanner audio archives available on pursuant to a Creative Commons license. Safeways makes no warranty respecting the availability or completeness of police scanner audio for any particular incident. Safeways, in its sole discretion, determines which incidents are researched via police scanner audio archives.

Any action taken against or upon any person as a result of information contained in the Safeways EasyTracking database is done at the user's discretion, based on information that is available to the general public or otherwise available to the individual or organization taking such action.

In consideration of Safeways making the information in the database available through this platform, and as a condition of logging into the system, user agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold Safeways harmless from any and all liability related to actions taken by the user toward any person whose information appears in this database.

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